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Spresser Knife Works Custom Grips This is a sample of grips I have made and can make for the Cobra and Davis Small Bore Derringer like the C22, C22M, C25, or C32, if your screws are in the center of the grip, these will NOT fit!! email me for exactly what I have on hand! gripmaker@hughes.net
Kirinite Bengal Tiger Grips $48 Kirinite Royal Blue Pearl Grips $48 Kirinite Black Pearl Grips $48 Kirinite Toxic Green Grips $48
Buffalo Horn Grips $65 Stabilized Elk Horn Stag Grips $80 number b86 a little thinner than factory grips Sambar Stag Grips $125 Elephant Ivory Grips $165
Shokwood Grips $55 ShokWood Grips $55 Desert Ironwood Grips $55 Snake Wood Grips $55
ShokRes Grips $55 ShokRes Grips $55 ShokRes Grips $55