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Spresser Custom Grips This is a sampling of some of the grips I have made.
Sambar Stag Grips on Customers Mustang Pocketlite! Buffalo Horn Grips with Gold Coins Sig Sauer P938 with stabilized elk horn stag grips with pocket clip!
Custom 1911 Bobtail with Sambar Stag Grips Buffalo Horn Grips on Custom Engraved Smith and Wesson Revolver
Buffalo Horn Grips with Elephant Ivory Star!! Pink Pearl Grips on a mustang II Elk Horn Stag grips on Sig P238
Matching Blue/Black G10 Grips on a pair of Colt!! Imitation White Pearl Grips with Silver Colt Medallions on a Trio of Colts!! Imt. White Pearl Grips on Engraved Astra Cub!! Stabilized Buffalo Horn Grips on Astra Cub!!
Imitation White Pearl w/Gold Medallions on Engraved Colt 1903 Engraved Sig P238 with Elephant Ivory and Custom Hand Engraved Medallion Sig P238 Buffalo Horn with Elephant Ivory Inlay Four guns of one customer with Masonic Symbol Neat Set!!!
Elephant Ivory Grips on Colt 1908 .25acp Vest Pocket Model Elephant Ivory grips on Colt 1911 Government Model Engraved Ivory Grips on Engraved Smith 36. I made the grips, did not do the engraving!! Ivory Grips on Colt Junior!!
Colt 1911 w/Ivory grips North American Revoler w/gray black g10 grips Red stag with Mdlns quote from owner: "Charles' work on my 1911 grips is exceptional. They fit my gun precisely, they feel great, and his layout in stag is artistic. He added the requested medallions to my grips, and the fit leaves nothing wanting. I would highly recommend a pair of his grips. " Sig P238 with Ox Horn Grips!!!
Taurus w/black/gray G10 in Diamondback Pattern Gun before my grips same gun after!! what a difference stag can make!!! Sig P238 with Buffalo Horn Grips!!
Ox horn grips on a Sig P238 Giraffe Bone Grips Red Stag Grips on Colt Rail Gun!!! Custom Buffalo Horn Grips with Badge Inlay
Buffalo Horn Grips w/Elephant Ivory Star Imitation Black Pearl Grips Laser Engraved Stag Grips very nice pair!!! Elephant Ivory Grips Kimber Solo
Colt Government Model .380 with Blue/Black G10 in Scalloped Pattern Desert Ironwood Grips In Sunburst pattern! Gray/Black G10 in Sunburst Pattern
European Red Stag Grips on Wilson Commander Elephant Ivory Grips on a Para Ordnance C6 Mastodon Ivory Grips on a Sig P238
Blue/Black Scalloped Grips on Custom Colt .380 Govt. with NP3 finish by Robar Ox Horn grips on Taurus 1911 Bobtail Imitation Pink Pearl Grips on Sig P238 Rainbow Finish Gun!
Elephant Ivory Grips on Colt 1908 .25acp Vest Pocket Model Imt. Ivory on Smith Sig P938 with Green/Black Grips in Sunburst Pattern
Imitation Black Pearl on Sig P938 Imitation White Pearl on Sig P938 Bark Ivory Grips with Shake Lines for a Customer Colt Government .380
Killer set of Sambar Stag Grips on a Cobra Small Bore Derringer!