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Spresser Knife Works Custom Knives This is a sampling of some of the grips I carry and make for the little North American Revolver. Please email me for grips that are in stock, and I will email you the actual picture of what I have. My stock rotates a lot, and some material is a one time deal. You can email me at to see exactly what I have in stock . PLEASE NOTE!! Very few if any of these grips are on hand, this website is to show what I have made and what I can make, I have several on my ebay store and on gunbroker, please check the home page for the links!!
Sambar Stag Grips for .22 Short $125 Exceptional set!! Stabilized Elk Horn Stag Grips for .22 Short $75 Elephant Ivory Grips for .22 Short $185
Kirinite Royal Blue Grips for .22 Short $48 Kirinite Bengal Tiger Grips for .22 Short $48 Kirnite White Pearl Grips for .22 Short $48
Kirnite Blue Pearl Grips for .22 Short $48 Kirnite Purple Haze Grips for .22 Short $48 Kirnite Pearl Grips for .22 Short $48
White G10 Grips very tough pair! $48 Black G10 Grips for .22 Short $48 Gray/Black G10 Grips for .22 Short $48